May Blog- Get in the ZONE- GrantZone

May/June Blog


“Nope.  It’s not the Ozone, it’s GrantZone that makes Arizona so HOT!”

As a result of attending the Chapter Leaders training in Kansas City last month, our board is stepping up efforts to engage local members (YOU)!  Over the next several months, we will highlight new opportunities and remind you of some that are already in place – like GrantZone.

This is one of the many benefits you have as a member of the Grant Professional’s Association.  This helps you connect with other local and national grant pros.  GrantZone topics range from putting together a transition plan for your organization (should you win the lottery, or er…start your own grants consulting business), to securing your first NEA grant.  If you don’t know what NEA stands for, you can pose the question in GrantZone.  Someone will tell you.  They won’t laugh and they will tell you for FREE.

They’ll probably even provide you with detailed advice along with their email address.  Wait, there’s more!  If you happen to be a seasoned grants professional with a big heart, or you’ve won the lottery or perhaps you have more spare time now that you’ve started your own grants consulting business (haha), you can become a mentee to someone in need.  Our Arizona Founding Chapter even has its own community in GrantZone.

If you need a little more direction, have no fear!  Our board is hosting a webinar this July to help us all navigate GrantZone!  We want everyone to get the most out of their membership.  It is our hope that this and other upcoming announcements and events will accomplish that for you!  Stay tuned for the details on how to sign up for the webinar, and by all means, go try GrantZone and see what you may have been missing

If you’re not yet a member of GPA Arizona Founding Chapter, please sign up

Join us for this and many other great ways to increase your network and enhance your professional development.


Linda Snidecor

Secretary, AZ GPA Founding Chapter


Author: gpaaz

The Arizona founding Chapter is a member of the Grant Professionals Association

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