Spring Blog: Chapter Leaders Training in Kansas City

April Blog: Chapter Leaders Training in Kansas City

April marked the first annual Chapter Leaders Training Meeting hosted by GPA National. Thanks to our awesome AZ Founding Chapter membership who handled the monthly meeting logistics here at home, Arizona was well represented in KC! We were the only chapter that sent all of its board members! This proved to be advantageous throughout the training because we had an AZ board member participating in almost every break out group. With so many ideas floating around and so many chapters utilizing creative problem solving, we wanted to hear it all. We were able to interact and work with chapter leaders from all over the country. We learned there are some challenges unique to certain areas of the country and other challenges that are universal, regardless of chapter size, location or number of years in existence.

I think the key take-away was quality over quantity. While we want to focus efforts on increasing membership, we want to ensure that all members are engaged and getting the full benefit of their membership. We all took away so many new ideas and perspectives. The Board has planned a special meeting to gather our thoughts and begin implementing some of the things we learned. Our hope for the chapter is that we can provide meaningful professional development opportunities for all members, regardless of where they are in their career path.

I’d like to thank JulieAnna Carsen, Regina Kuvakos and Mara Gerst for helping facilitate the April meeting while we were in Kansas City. From the feedback on the evaluations, the information was well received and useful. Please don’t forget to RSVP for our May Meeting, please note the location change, details here:

Title: Leading a Team to Successful Proposal Development

Attendees will learn how to develop effective strategies for working with a team on proposal development, planning and running meetings.

Speaker: Robin Hoskins

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018

Time: 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Venue: A New Leaf’s La Mesita Campus, 2245 W. Ella St. Building C, Mesa, AZ 85201

Cost: $20/members and $25/nonmembers

Hope to see you there!


Angela Gordillo, GPC

Program Chair, AZ GPA Founding Chapter

Author: gpaaz

The Arizona founding Chapter is a member of the Grant Professionals Association

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