March Blog: Thanks & Pics- Meet the Funders III, Board Training and Social Media Updates

Thank you all for coming out to Meet the Funders III to celebrate and recognize International Grant Professionals Day 2018! A BIG THANK YOU to our presenters, Mary Thompson, Bob Shogren, Jeff Hays, and Jose Moreno and all of their organizations for the great work they do! Thanks to our facilitators too, Kim Joyce and Laurie Pierce, we couldn’t do these monthly events without volunteers like you! I will be posting pics from the event to our Facebook page.

Next month we will be hosting Research Metrics: Say What? How to Qualify Your Meaning on April 19. Stay tuned for details!

At that time the AZ Founding Chapter Board members will be traveling to Kansas City, April 19-20, to participate in the first annual Chapter Leaders Training Meeting. The role of chapters is so important that part of the new strategic plan for GPA includes a commitment to strengthen them through the development of online resources, the hiring of a full time Chapter Relations Manager, the network of volunteer Regional Representatives, and now with the implementation of the first annual Chapter Leaders Training meeting in April 2018.  What this means for you as a grant professional and chapter leader is that you will see GPA initiating ongoing leadership development for our chapters that is designed to enhance members’ expertise and careersGPA covers a large portion of the costs of the event.

The training will cover

The lifecycle of Member Engagement – how to effectively communicate your message, engage others in your mission and develop your fellow leaders

 Working your Plan – whether your chapter has a robust operating plan or not, we’ll cover best practices for communication, planning and event management so you can plan for success

Peer to Peer Problem Solving – We’ll get interactive and let you bring your burning questions to the table and do some small group idea storming

We are very excited about attending this training and using what we learn to continue to grow, engage and provide resources and opportunities for our chapter members!

On another note, keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter for updates, job postings, events and other resources as we are moving forward with enhancing our social media presence! We look forward to seeing your comments and feedback!!

Have a wonderful Spring!

Best Regards,

Kristen Krey

Marketing Officer, AZ GPA Founding Chapter



Author: gpaaz

The Arizona founding Chapter is a member of the Grant Professionals Association

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