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The GPA National website has a feature where a member can identify a special interest group and become a member of that SIG (See the October 8, 2013 post). As a member of a SIG you can post questions and receive comments from other members. This enables a wide array of responses from the GPA National membership. Although we do not anticipate setting up a similar forum on the AZ Chapter website, we may at times pose a question to elicit responses and open up communications within our own chapter.

A question has been posed by a chapter member – please respond either in the comment section below or by contacting Christine…

Hi everyone. I’m looking for input from you about how you comply with Minority Business Enterprises.

In order to comply with Minority Business Enterprises (MBE), recipients of federal funds agree to ensure that minority business enterprises “have the maximum opportunity to compete for and perform contracts.”

Depending on the funding source, the requirement is stronger; For example, the Bureau of Reclamation requires: The grantee and subgrantee will take all necessary affirmative steps to assure that minority firms, women’s business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms are used when possible. This statement is followed by a list of six examples that qualify as “affirmative steps.”

My question to you is what process do you have in place – whether it is procurement or grant compliance – that ensures your agency complies with this requirement?

We believe that in order to comply with this requirement, you have to have a process to verify and validate a company’s status, whether minority, veteran, etc. Compliance can also be achieved by including a provision in your procurement code for minority business preference but the effort to establish that guideline involves a disparity study that can be extremely costly.

Please share how you comply with this grant requirement. Thank you.
Christine McMurdy
Grants Administrator
City of Goodyear


One thought on “Discuss this…

  1. Hello,
    The City of Surprise oversees this provision in the Procurement Policy 2-342. The Grant Policy (under review) will refer to the Procurement Policy. The Grant Administrator works with the Finance Department to ensure that all grant requirements are met and therefore emphasizes the importance of all Grant Project Manager’s responsibility to follow the procurement code.
    FYI…in the past Project Manager’s would claim that they thought grants were “free” money with no procurement oversight. Today, we work really hard to ensure that procurement policies are followed for all city transactions, grants, gifts, sponsorships…you name it …they have to follow procurement. This is all thanks to a horrific audit.

    I hope that it helps.

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